Charlie Bucolo

The 2014Presidents Billiards Invitational ‘Bailey & Dickinson’ Winner!!


This year was won by Charlie Bucolo who turned back the clock and reclaimed the trophy that he last won many years ago. Well done to Charlie who did not lose a game all night.

Thanks to Donny Frittoli who played in the trophy at short notice replacing Steve Barrand who could not attend.


The 2014 Billiards Singles Champion was won by Robbie Chilcott


Division 1 Singles                 Champion 2010 Steve Bagshaw          RSL Runner Up Robbie Chilcott RSL
Division 2 Singles                 Champion 2010 Graham Whale         RSL Runner Up Dave Cornell             VRI
Division 3 Singles                 Champion 2010 Gunter Riske              Shell Runner Up John Craig                 Shell
Best First Year Player 2010 No first year players
Most Improved Player 2010 Josh Kitanovski             Shell
Bailey-Dickinson Trophy 2010 Steve Bagshaw                RSL
Keith Davidson Trophy 2010 Graham Whale              RSL




Division 1 Singles                 Champion 2009 Steve Bagshaw          RSL Runner Up Rod McCallum           VRI
Division 2 Singles                 Champion 2009 Dave Cornell              VRI Runner Up John Barrett              RSL
Division 3 Singles                 Champion 2009 John Shortis              Werribee Runner Up Malcolm Dent        Werribee
Best First Year Player 2009 Josh Kitanovski            Shell
Most Improved Player 2009 Patrick Hood                   Shell
Bailey-Dickinson Trophy 2009 John Hudgell                  RSL
Keith Davidson Trophy 2009 Graham Whale              RSL
Division 1 Singles                 Champion 2008 Rob Chilcott Runner Up Colin Hood
Division 2 Singles                 Champion 2008 John Barrett Runner Up Dave Cornell
Division 3 Singles                 Champion 2008 Scott Whiting Runner Up Ray Sang
Best First Year Player 2008 J. Bruscella
Most Improved Player 2008 J. Nekrep
Bailey-Dickinson Trophy 2008 John Hudgell
Keith Davidson Trophy 2008 Lenard Hall