Congratulations to the Shell Sopranos for winning the 2014 Billiards Grand Final.

The Final was well attended and for those who were there witnessed a nail-biter with the tightest of margins possible!

Shell Sopranos and VRI Locos drew on wins (2-2), however the Sopranos pipped the Locos on overall points by just the one solitary point (837-836) to secure a most memorable victory.



Grand Final Results & scores

Shell Sopranos def VRI Locos 2-2 (837-836)


1) Charlie Bucolo 157  lt  Robbie Chilcott 281

2) Dale Kent 237  def  John Hudgell 138

3) Steve Barrand 186  lt  Rob Young 217

4) Donny Frittoli 257  def  Steve Jackson 200




Division 1 Premiers 2010  RSL Gunners Runners Up  RSL Snipers
   C. Bennett    S. Barrand
   L. Hall    R. Chilcott
   S. Jackson    J. Hudgell
   P. Polites    L. Ifka
   S. Bagshaw (Capt.)    P. Jackson  (Capt.)
Division 2 Premiers 2010  Shell Sharks Runner Up  RSL Hornets
   Doug Kent    J. Barrett
   P. Sleeman   J.P. Brown
   P. Wyld    P. Dunn
   W Hargraves  (Capt.)    R. Thomas
      G. Whale  (Capt.)
Division 3 Premiers 2010 Shell Wizards Runner Up  Werribee Knights
   J. Craig    D. Blyth
   B. Elzinga    L. Broomfield
   P. Vermay    J. Micallef
   G. Riske  (Capt.)    J. Shortis 
       M. Dent (Capt.)

Division 1 Premiers 2009  Shell Bandits Runners Up  RSL Snipers
   R. Coleman    S. Barrand
   P. Hood    S. Hargreaves
   B. Krasic    J. Hudgell
   C. Hood  (Capt.)    L. Ifka
       P. Jackson  (Capt.)
Division 2 Premiers 2009  Werribee Wasps Runner Up  RSL Hornets
   A. Price    J. Barrett
   T. Straw   J.P. Brown
   J. Walmsley    P. Dunn
   R. Sang  (Capt.)    R. Thomas
      G. Whale  (Capt.)
Division 3 Premiers 2009 Werribee Aces Runner Up  Shell Pistols
   L. Broomfield    C. Kemp
   S. Whiting    H. Kemp
   W. Whiting    S. Sirocuk
   S. Maddy  (Capt.)    J. Kitanovski  (Capt.)


Division 1 Premiers 2008 RSL Snipers Runner Up Shell Bandits
  R. Chilcott   P. Hood
  S Barrand   B. Krasic
  J. Hudgell   P. O’Keefe
  L. Ifka   J. Nekrep
  P. Jackson (Capt.)   C. Hood (Capt.)
Division 2 Premiers 2008 RSL Hornets Runner Up VRI Outlaws
  J. Barrett   J. Corrigan
  J. Brown   G. Dew
  A. Hill   C. Ladlow
  R. Thomas   D. Ladlow
  G. Whale (Capt.)   D. Cornell (Capt.)
Division 3 Premiers 2008 VRI Blue Runner Up Werribee Wanders
  C. Bauer   D. Blythe
  W. Blackman   M. Dent
  K. O’Sullivan   D. Fairey
  C. Pope   S. Maddy
  B. Williamson (Capt.)   R. Sang (Capt.)